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At Sage Mountain Farm, we know that the food you put into your body on a daily basis makes all the difference in quality of life.

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For that reason, our primary mission is to reconnect Southern Californians with their food source by offering truly local, organically-farmed food. More than ever, consumers are beginning to see the light with regard to food that is processed, food that is infused with preservatives because it has traveled across multiple time zones and borders, and food that is less nutritious and flavorful because it cannot be harvested at peak ripeness or readiness.

This new awareness is bringing us back into a relationship with our food, the animals, the plants, the land where these are grown and raised, the farmers, and importantly, with each other. At Sage Mountain Farm, we aim to connect you with food that is grown organically and as close to you as possible. Our food tastes like it came from your very own garden, because in a sense, it has—in our garden which is just down the road. So dig in, do your research, and get to know your farmers because there’s nothing we love more than feeding our Southern California neighbors the healthiest, most nutritious food possible.

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  • We love working with Sage Mountain Farm!  I'm proud to offer quality, organic produce to our students.   I can talk to Phil and get updates on the growth of crops he's growing just for us.  We can teach our students about where their food is coming from and how it's grown.  It brings more value to our foods which the students recognize and appreciate.  Supporting a local farmer and serving organic produce in our meal program is a win-win!

    Amy Haessly, RD
    Amy Haessly, RD Nutrition Education & Training Supervisor | Wave Crest Cafe
  • Working with Sage Mountain Farm is like working with family.  The local community loves their produce!

    Ray Gonzales
    Ray Gonzales Produce Manager | Organic Roots (Temecula)
  • We've been working with Sage Mountain Farm since their conception over a decade ago, yet with every delivery we (cooks) are all giddy (like kids on Christmas). He grows beautiful produce, that shapes the way we cook and how our guests feel!

    Chef Leah
    Chef Leah Founder/Exec Chef | E.A.T Marketplace, Temecula Valley
  • Jimbo’s… Naturally! has been buying from Sage Mountain Farm since 2008. Over the course of this partnership, Phil has provided Jimbo’s with an amazing assortment of unique vegetables and melons that our customers have come to love. Being in such close proximity to Sage Mountain Farm has helped insure we are getting the freshest local produce possible for our customers!

    Ryan Peterson
    Ryan Peterson Regional Produce Buyer/Supervisor | Jimbo’s…Naturally!
  • I have partnered with Sage Mountain Farm for at least ten years now. I am proud to serve their local, organic produce to my guests who appreciate the quality and health aspects. Our guests also appreciate that the support we give Sage Mountain Farm provides my menus with an added aspect of sustainability.

    Steve Stawinski
    Steve Stawinski Executive Chef | Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards
  • Every interaction I have had with Sage Mountain Farm has been incredible. Whenever we want to bring in new produce, that is, produce that is new to the students, Phil is always willing to grow them just for our school district. Going out to the farm and seeing the crops that were being grown for the school district was an incredible experience. Phil is a very passionate farmer who's goal is to deliver the highest quality produce to students daily.

    Jamie Phillips
    Jamie Phillips Director of Child Nutrition | Vista Unified School District

Visit Our Farm

Sage Mountain Farm has been conducting farm tours for many years. We have welcomed visitors to our farm in our continued effort to connect to our community, to be transparent about how we farm and, in general, build a relationship with you, the consumers of our products. Please click on the link below to schedule a visit.

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