Calling All Cooks!

 In Beyond the Veg
[polldaddy poll=8891465]Calling all cooks, I want to know what you are doing with our delicious produce.  Asian Fusion?  Organic body care products?  Raw food?  Roasting, blanching, blending?  Give it up, peeps!  I am craving inspiration from you.

Now is the time for you to become famous, well sorta.  I mean you never know who will be the next internet insta-star right?!  Write to me in the comments below, Instagram, or Twitter and let us all benefit from your unique take on our fresh organic veggies, fruits and/or green-fed meats.  Some of your great ideas could end up on the blog with a full recipe write up by yours truly!  No big thang, really…just give me a sentence or two describing something that you make with Sage Mountain Farm’s deliciousness!  A picture would make the deal even sweeter.

I want to build community here, folks.  Snap a photo and tweet it!  Instagram that meal, would ya?!  What will your contribution be?

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  • wendryn

    Falafel using *lots* of greens, some chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, a little salt and pepper, all dumped in a food processor, and then some oat flour to stabilize everything. Fry it up, tuck it in a pita, and you have lunch. 🙂

  • eatsagemountain

    Thanks for commenting! Your lunch sounds good. I’m hungry!!!!