Strawberry Orange Banana

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Sage Mountain Farm

Have a tasty S.O.B.!

When I opened my CSA box this week and saw strawberries and oranges, I knew what I wanted…S.O.B. of course!  Umm, Strawberry Orange Banana, what else?!  This recipe, like some others that I have posted, isn’t really a recipe, but an idea that may inspire you.  Basically I filled my blender with strawberries, bananas and oranges (just peeled because I have a high powered blender, but if you have a regular blender just squeeze the juice from the oranges and use that).  Then I added some ice cubes to chill it down and blended it up.  I know that this is simple, but simple is good.  It’s refreshing and sweet on a hot day, and it also makes an awesome breakfast.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  What have you been doing with the strawberries from our farm?  Share some inspiration in the comments below!

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