Molto Delizioso! An Heirloom Tomato Farming Adventure Story

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An Heirloom Tomato Farming Adventure….

If you’ve grown Heirloom tomatoes in your garden, you know their biggest challenge is disease. Heirloom tomatoes are an old-fashioned, non-genetically modified variety of vegetable that possess only a single disease-resistance gene.  Unlike the modern, grocery store variety of hybrids, which have generally had disease resistance bred into them, many heirloom plants don’t live to bear fruit. It’s a small price to pay for juicier, sweeter and more flavorful fruit!

When the plants lose a significant amount of foliage to disease, they won’t taste as good as they should because it’s the leaves that convert sunlight into sugars and other flavor compounds. We can’t have that so we pull them! Leaving gaps of well invested plant real estate…. so Farmer Phil got creative!


Rich soil that was lovingly nurtured and cultivated with generous nutrients is not something any good sustainable Farmer would see go to waste! So nestled in among the Heirloom tomatoes you will find a few random transplants, filling in the gaps. To be specific, cucumbers and my favorite, Basil! I think he has a winner here… don’t you?

Who doesn’t love tomato & Basil together!?

Molto Delizioso! (that is Italian for Very Delicious!) 

Now I’m inspired to get creative! Coming soon… A Molto Delizioso Italian Recipe! Thanks Farmer Phil!

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