Pasture Reseeding

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Rejuvenating healthy grass land for grazing cattle, pigs and sheep to thrive! Healthy pastures protect your health, promote the humane treatment of animals, and take care of the environment while producing the most flavorful, nutrient-rich foods possible!

Where seed hasn’t germinated well in the pasture, we use a no-till method to re-seed where previous planting didn’t germinate well. By using our hands and a broadcast spreader, we are able to preserve the soil’s ecosystem and allow it’s vibrant microbial and fungal life to boost the soil’s organic matter, improve moisture retention, and the nutrient density that provides nourishment for our animals and health-enhancing, disease-fighting nutrients for us!

After re-seeding with Clover & Vesces grass seeds, we then lay down chicken and pig manure from our small sustainable farm! Manure is a natural fertilizer that’s rich in nitrogen and adds nutrients to the soil and encourages green growth.

The timing of this project is critical because rain is vital to the germination process. Thankfully, we got some rain today! So we hit the field!

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