EASIEST EVER Tomato Preservation: Ferment Your Tomatoes from the Homesteading Family

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EASIEST EVER Tomato Preservation: Ferment Your Tomatoes: Homesteading Family

This time of year when tomatoes are plentiful, we have a great idea to share with you! One of our favorite Homesteading Families just created a brilliant post on how to preserve your farm fresh local organic vine ripened tomatoes, fast AND easy!

Carolyn, from Homesteading Family’s favorite way to preserve tomatoes is by fermenting them.  They are beyond delicious… making the best tomato sauce you could imagine.  But even better than that… they are incredibly FAST.  Carolyn can do a quart in less than 30 seconds!

And right now, I NEED fast. Don’t you?

We are always amazed when we make these… preserving food doesn’t have to be hard.  It really doesn’t have to be.

Carolyn’s Easy How-To Video:

LINK HERE >>>> Check out this video that Carolyn filmed for us a few weeks ago to see how easy and fast fermenting tomatoes can be!

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