How to break down a CSA Box

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Some quick tips on how to break down your CSA box!

Did you know that we recycle CSA boxes, and that residential recycling programs don’t accept them?

We use wax boxes to keep your vegetables fresher as they travel from our small farm to your door! Since waxed cardboard is not recyclable, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! When you return your used CSA box to the farm, we clean and re-use them, until eventually they get trampled by our pigs to make fertilizer! To learn more about this sustainable & regenerative farming practice, visit our BLOG article:
The Environmental Benefit of Sage Mountain Farm Recycling Cardboard

Please kindly return your CSA boxes to us in one of the following ways:
Home Delivery: put last week’s box out where we normally deliver this week’s box
Farmers Market Pick-Up: we accept box returns at our Farmers Market booths
Pick-Up Locations: bring your used CSA boxes where you pick up (with the exception of Whole Foods)
If you pick up at Whole Foods, unfortunately they will not receive our box returns. If you pick-up at Whole Foods, and would like to return your CSA boxes to us, please let us know and we will make other arrangements. Or drop it at a CSA Pick-up Location near you! To see all Pick-Up Locations, click here.

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