Farm News: Storm Update Feb 2019

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Farm News: Storm Update

Over the past few weeks the farm has been hit by a series of devistating storms. The first week in Feb brought 4” of snow. Followed the next week by flash flooding that was so devistating it wiped out 2 mountain highways and in neighboring Sage, the surging floodwaters were so severe they took a mans life. We were fortunate to only have crop losses and road damage. The storm saturated the ground with so much water, that it’s made harvesting impossible.

Following this torrential rain, the farm was hit by two back to back snow storms, the most recent Wed & Thursday bringing down 8-9” of snow on already badly beaten crops & muddy roads. Roads that currently aren’t drivable due to melting snow and deep mud.

We are still evaluating crop damage but hope to be back in operation on Monday. Due to the inclement weather some of our Farmers Market locations will be closed. In the meantime our farm fresh grass-fed beef, and Heritage Pork from Sage Mountain Beef are still available for purchase.

Farmer Phil Noble said, “This is all part of farming and something all farmers are naturally resilient to.”

Weather is what makes farm life possible! Life on the farm happens because of the elements that give life giving crops their life! Sunshine, water bringing clouds, soil and decay are what life needs to thrive; manufacturing a live product that exists cohesively by the rules of nature’s unpredictability.

We appreciate you, our customers, and hope you are patient with us while we work hard to bounce back from these storms. We anticipate brighter days ahead and will be fully operational again soon with a steady bountiful harvest of life giving, nutritious food!

Here is a photo tutorial of whats happening here on the farm, taken on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 22nd & Feb. 15th after the flooding carved out a new landscape.

The following photos were taken on Feb 15th

Below are photos of what our parking lot & road currently look like. Friday afternoon when I got to the farm to take these pictures I almost got stuck in the mud on the paved road into the farm!

“This generous amount of water is a blessing to our communities and for the replenishing of ground water. The joy on our children’s faces when they play in fresh snow warms my heart. For them, it’s like Christmas morning! A gift from God. As my son makes snow angels today, I’m reminded of all my customers out there who have become more than friends but angels to me and this farm.” Farmer Phil said lovingly with the biggest smile on his face.

Phil’s light heartedness and “roll with it” attitude after enduring a $20,000 crop loss, humbles me. We have so much more to learn from our small farmers!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and the love you have for this farm. We sure are thankful!

God bless you!

Many blessings,

Phil, Juana, Benji, Jeremiah & Alexander Noble

Sage Mountain Farm & Sage Mountain Beef

….and Amy Procop, Your Sage Mountain Farm Blogger💕🤗🙏🏻

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