Baby Pea Shoots CSA Recipe

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Baby Pea Shoots are most commonly found in Asian recipes. I decided to switch it up and use only the local produce that came in my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share box. Super nutritious and ooooh sooo delicious! 


Baby Pea Shoots, Spinach, Carrots, Asparagus, Garlic, Purple Onions and Scallion Onions.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spiral Noodles & Chopped Chicken Breast


1. Rinse your veggies. Chop Greens, remove most stems.

2. Chop Onions, Garlic, Asparagus and Carrots.

3. Caramelize Garlic, Onion & hard end of Asparagus stems in Olive Oil.  Boil noodles.

4. Add carrots and cover for 1 min.

5. Add Greens & Asparagus, cover an additional 3 mins. Reduce to low heat.

6. Add chunky precooked Chicken breast and cover to warm for 3-5 mins. Strain noodles.

7. Plate noodles with a sprinkle of raw greens. Embellish sides with Baby Pea Shoot curls.

8. Top noddles with hot food from pan. I found this excellent without seasoning!!!
Tip: Local produce has an intense flavor without rival or need to “dumb down” with unhealthy non-sense. Cook from your CSA and give it a try! Please comment if you agree!

    9. Give thanks… and enjoy!


At Sage Mountain Farm, we know that the food you put into your body on a daily basis makes all the difference in quality of life.

For that reason, our primary mission is to reconnect Southern Californians with their food source by offering truly local, organically-farmed food. More than ever, consumers are beginning to see the light with regard to food that is processed, food that is infused with preservatives because it has traveled across multiple time zones and borders, and food that is less nutritious and flavorful because it cannot be harvested at peak ripeness or readiness.

This new awareness is bringing us back into a relationship with our food, the animals, the plants, the land where these are grown and raised, the farmers, and importantly, with each other! At Sage Mountain Farm, we aim to connect you with food that is grown organically and as close to you as possible. Our food tastes like it came from your very own garden, because in a sense, it has—in our garden which is just down the road. So dig in, do your research, and get to know your farmers because there’s nothing we love more than feeding our Southern California neighbors the healthiest, most nutritious food possible.

Grass-Fed Angus Cows

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At Sage Mountain Farm, we’re committed to offering you a variety of healthy, local products.

As a true farm in every sense of the word, Sage Mountain Farm also houses various livestock included cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. All of our meats are grass-fed, green-fed and humanely and organically raised to give you full confidence in the food you’re preparing.

Local Farmers.

If you knew more about what it takes to be a Farmer, you would revere your local farm and their hard working field workers as “heroes” in the modern food revolution.

This farm is a labor of love and we couldn’t do it without our community and wonderful customers! Please tell your friends about us.  Referrals are the greatest compliments and we appreciate them more than we could ever convey!

Let’s make small farms in our region stronger and profitable.  Support small farms in your community by joining a local CSA

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Many blessings to you and yours!

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